Landau Attorneys assists clients with the full scope of services in corporate law and litigation with specialisation in debt collection and recovery/

Our dynamic collections company specializes in high volume handovers for both publicly listed entities and private companies...

There has been expansive growth in high tech internet start-up companies, especially over the past five years...

With over 25 years of experience focusing on collections in the medical industry, we provide a distinct and specialised advantage over all similar providers.

Our Business Management System encompasses accounting solutions, systems infrastructure and processes.

Jenzovox specialises in identifying debtors’ books for sale within the consumer credit industry...


We provide customised credit and collections services with customer experiences in line with your business. As business revenue and reputation go hand in hand we understand and navigate this fine balance.

You can use one or a combination or all of our service offerings provided by the Group - to suit your business requirements.

The Landau Group of Companies was established in 2002 and we provide reliable returns from our specialised legal service, collections (including high volume collections), debtor tracking and tracing services, credit assessments and risk analysis, credit-administration and customer care and contact centre resources, outsourcing services, data analysis, and scorecard building.

World-class IT, software and systems development solutions underpin our group giving us the unwavering confidence that our services will improve your business processes, your revenue and improve bottom line results. We have 17 years’ experience providing reliable services that keep your reputation and business sound. Your customer experience and your results are in the right place with us.

Our trained contact centre staff know the value of your reputation
Rael Landau