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Jenzovox specialises in identifying debtors’ books for sale within the consumer credit industry.

With focus and understanding, we are able to transform a difficult to manage situation and area of business vulnerability into a worthwhile solution.
A number of books have been purchased over the past 6 years earning high returns. Associated with Landau Collections as its collection arm has ensured that the returns achieved have been high and very profitable. Recent legislation has deemed collection proceedings on debts due more than 3 years old as unlawful resulting in many companies being left with a difficult choice to either write off the debt or sell the book to recover a portion thereof.

In addition to purchasing the debtors’ books, we also locate purchasers for those books either too large or unsuitable for Jenzovox to secure. The collections for all purchased debtors’ books are handled by Landau Collections and Landau Attorneys. Our approach of full, strict, streamlined control means we can transform risk into maximum return.