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Our Business Management System encompasses accounting solutions, systems infrastructure and processes. Driven by the leadership of our founding director whose Registered Chartered Accounting experience has allowed us to offer administration processes that are efficient and accurate assisting small companies in creating proper frameworks to build significant corporations.

While many of our clients are sales focused and able in that area of operations, we recognised that administrative functions tended to be ignored or poorly implemented. The opportunity to provide this vital support to clients’ enables us to improve their business. Our experience in credit approvals within the consumer goods/finance industries has facilitated our clients’ ability to profit from healthy and sustainable growth levels.

While selling products to individuals across different income groups is not difficult, collecting payment is a challenge, especially for companies who lack a proper understanding of credit and payment platforms. 6Thirteen has filled this much-needed space for our clients and continues to provide additional support in an advisory capacity. Costing is based on a per-seat rate – so clients can grow and expand easily.

1st floor, 3 Andries Street, Bramley, Johannesburg.